Monday, December 24, 2007

To Two Very Important People

This post is meant for the 25th but since i would be too busy to be online i figured i should put it up a lil earlier. so straddle yourselves and enjoy my lil christmas gift.

From being born some twenty something years ago, the 25th of december represents two big celebrations of life. One for a gift that remitts my spoiled image, irrespective of how damaged it may be and for all other believers, and the other for the one that brought me to earth(my mum). These people have impacted me with lots of great things.

Jesus for one taught me to love irrespective of the state of my heart, he showed me a whole different level of reverence that i thought never existed, he teaches me the right path to walk and the way that would bring me to an expected end. and what more can i do but to be happy that i can share in the celebration of a very significant day as this. Most times around xmas i take time out to search my heart as to what gift i can give, last year i wrote him a poem and this year what to get or offer seems to elude me. well for the longest time i have been asking him to restore me back to himself so yea my heart once again to him is a good enough gift, dont y'all think so? well well well................... i actually diid another peom for him this year.

wrappings of gifts with high price tags
fragrances and designer names that come with them
huge credit card bills after the season
a cliche for what the season has become

commercialisation is the order of the day
the colors obviously green and red
ferrero rochers and scandinivian nuts
highlights every dinner table around the block

pictures taken and turned into cards
poetry written about the beauty of the season
stamps on envelopes in various shapes and colors
accompanying messages of glad tidings

i may try so hard to get one across to you
but how exactly can that be
but from a heart of pureness and truth
in sincerity i come led by the northern star

My heart is poured out in reverence
My pride bowed in obeisance to your deity
My being acknowledging your superiority
My soul responding to your humility

Its another time to say happy birthday
even though you're grown but yet celebrating
another chance at a better life for someone
cos sometime in over two milleniums you were born.

Happy Birthday lord Jesus, Happy birthday to you.

And then to my best friend, one from whose mouth flows wisdom as from a virtuous woman, she taught me the first things i kow about christ. she worked hard at making me the young woman i see myself becoming each new day, she opened my heart to accepting the things i cannot change but yet coming out of it with memories that would last me a lifetime. i love you mum and even though i dont get to spend this xmas and birthday with you, i know that this year would be greater than you ahve ever experienced. thanks for loving me, biobele,josiah,esther,deborah and tamk. thanks for being a wife,sister, partner and lover to our dad.I would not trade you for nuin cos u have undoubtedly shown the beauty that reside on ur inside. i love ya ma and on another birthday i want to scream a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU MII. Love ya tonnes.

And to errone of my family, friends, acquaintances and blogville fam. this is to you a wonderful season of joy and kindness. may teh reason for the season dwell in ur hearts granting you a reason to smile and be happy cos its all about the love people. so spread the goodnews and be happy.
Merry Christmas to all that believe and happy holidays to you all.
Grace and peace.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Seven Weird Things Bout Moi

I dont know that i can actually say i am weird, rather i would say i am unique you know and some of these things make me even more Unique.cos i am TOO VINTAGE FOR DESIGNERS......

I dance anywhere i hear mum used to wonder what it was about. its so bad that i might be walking down the street and i hear this music i like and im in a world of my own, rocking to the beat and stuff. the other day i went to bebe in the mall of america and i got jiggy with it and the ladies there stopped what they were doing and were looking and i was so oblivious of it until i looked up at the mirrow and noticed some stares and i was wishing that errone else would join me.

I love rice. i was just reading this thing about how much sugar you get from rice and how much similarities exist between white rice and brown rice. to think i was killing myself with that tastelessness and awkward consistensy of the brown rice thinking it was better than white rice. and hey we medicos i wonder why we dont know much about what we dont even mind me. any ways, i cannot stay a day without tasting rice its that bad. somebody please pray for me. its an addiction.

Me like looking at me in the mirror. me friends think im too vain cos of that. im not i just like the reflection i see in the mirror. and i feel like whatever the mirrior tells me is true. peeps would lie to you about what ure wearing, how your hair looks and how much weight you gained form lack of activity. But my friend mr whiteglass(mirror) never lies he tells me even if i dont want to hear it. its funny cos yesterday while at work i went into one of my patients room and was talking to her but all the while my eyes were fixed on me thru mr whiteglass and she said i like it wen u come in here and look at your self in the mirror.............does that sound weird? i figure

My phone and computer are like my life......something about that statement does not sound right. well im so addicted to my phone and laptop that i feel like i am done without them. i would drive back 40 minutes to pick up my cell fone if i figure i left it at home. and i deprive my self much needed sleep and rest just to be in contact with my beloved mr black and rimaz crew( the names for my phone and my laptop): can you imagine they even have names. i thought i told you i was weird?

I love to sing. every and anything i hear even when i dont know the lyrics. and its worse when my voice gets croaky from the effects of negative degree weather. those in canada and minnesota know what i am talking okay anyone with such a voice should shut up right but sele has gat to sing. its her love and then she tries and she doesnt hear nuin but mr whiteglass breaking i cant keep count of how many ive had to replace over the years but oh well. a gurls gotta do what a girls gotta

I talk to my self alot. like holding a whole converstaion with meself. it happens most when i am having to make a decison that is stumping me. i take long walks and talk to myself like im having a conference with other people. i ask questions and i get answers. sometimes our answers lie within but we are too shallow to reach it and desperate times call for desperate measures. so i do that alot to help me make decisons and to also help me destress.

I love disney channel and lifetime tv too much. peeps would expect me to watch bet and vh1 and all that good stuff but i would rather be watching animated stuff. plus sound of music is the best movie ever made. i would watch that movie three times a day and never get tired of it. plus i love older songs and movies than all these things they release now and call it music and i got that out of my chest it feels way better.

i tag tuch, allied,nilla, mack and any other three bloggers to talk about the weirdness that resides inside of them.

Monday, December 3, 2007


What i want to be is who GOD wants me to be. my desire to be that hurts so much that i feel sick. every day questions abound in my heart, what other way could i have tread but this one. What other route would have taken me to the purpose of GOD for my life. i wouldn't Say i haven't strayed and i would not say mercy and grace haven't been there for me, but each time i look back , all i see is GOD, his Love, his Arms, his Smile, his Favor; everything about him encompasses my daily life. He drives my passion, he drives my needs, he drives my very being. Amidst the turmoil and turbulence that i feel, i see direction, i see a path, i see everything taking shape......and its all cos of HIM. i cant say he has not been good cos my life is a testimony of how great he is and always will be. My life is on course,even though it may not seem like it . i see him shining his face on me telling me "hold on, don't let go. it is i who have called you from your mothers womb, it is i who has given you every dream and aspiration". " it is i who has made everything they were they are, better than they would have been. So just hang in there". Don't fret and be discouraged. don't think about what the world would say about you. Don't worry yourself about the daily vices, let your heart be fixed on more important things- the things of the spirit, the things that give you life. let your days be spent living a purpose filled life. let your years be focused around the things that make you you(GOD n his Purpose). let your goal be driven by his will and purpose.let everything you live for be what he wants them to be.
Focus on the things above , on thing that are immaterial, on the things that transcend human calculation. the things men cannot take from you even when they try so hard. But focus on GODS undying and never decomposing love. focus on the word that became flesh. dwell on the powerful and all knowing intelligence(power) of GOD. center your self around the indefatigable spirit that comforts and guides, even when we are not receptive. reflect on the positivity of the situation at hand, cos they only make you stronger. God never gives us more than we can bear, he never carves out a destiny we cannot fulfill, he never gives us shoes we cannot fill. he has written the pages of our lives as he knows us to be able to live it. he never goes wrong on his word. So then hang in there and never let go of life. Live, cos in him, we gat ALL things; life, peace, wealth, prosperity, self actualization etc.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Faith As A Vessel To Recieve

We could go on and on talking about the concept of faith but the truth is, we cannot overemphasize its importance.
You can agree with me that most times we are as strong as whatver we might be facing at the time, cos we can only talk about it if we come through it standing. that is when we can truly say we faithed that situation and yea we came out strong. i am a testimony that faith works and talking about it, stirs something inside of me ,simply put, my heart is leaping out for joy at the mention of been able to believe irrespective of where i am and what i am faced with.
Faith transcends just pleasing God, which is a very important aspect of our lives and duty for us to uphold as humans. The power of faith also releases our blessings from GODS throne. sometimes we sit down in whatever situation we find ourselves. we grovel and shudder and go through so many different forms of reverence in other that we may recieve, but truth is without faith, we might as well get a mattress and chill cos that situation is there to stay.
one of my favorite verses of scripture, heb 11:11 helps me thru anything i call a situation.
"Now sarah even though she had passed her time to concieve ,was able to have a child because she judged him faithful who had promised".Sarahs' faith manifested in her being able to be a vessel that produced a child nine months later. she too in the books of mothers was reckoned at age 90 cos she believed. We look too much at our physical embodiments and we tend to dwell on our abilities. the truth remains that when GOD says a thing, he automaticlaly puts into action a plan to bring it to pass. so when he has spoken concerning us, he is already working on it to make sure we get that job, that admission, that citizenship that money we need for tuition, the money for a new car and that apartment that seems elusive........the list is endless but we have to do something to unlock these good things.
"Faiths enables us recieve from God and our ability to receive, determines how much God will give us....."hence our Faith is our vessel to recieving from God, our currency with which we get stuff from GOD.
most of us think we can recah out for faith whenever we find ourselves in positions where we would need it, but like it is in scripture, "the just shall live by faith", faith is a condiment of day to day living.
"If your faith cannot carry it, your life cannot experience it"
and like deutronomy 8:18 puts it,
"Believe(have Faith) in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established". what more can a person ask of God when he already established you, the truth is nothing, cos you would have had everything else.
Faith has no substitute in the realm of the spirit, so put on your armour of faith and recieve of GOD even as you please him in everything you do.
Grace and peace.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saying No to Violence against women and children

Today November the 25th is a day set aside to acknowledge the ills done against women and children around the world. many people are apt to take this forgranted but women are hurt each second of the minute some sexually and other both physically and emotionally. But the truth is we al have families, friends and acquaintances who might just be unlucky victims and be part of the growing number. Thus we need to take a stand and join these people to RAISE OUR VOICE against Violence Against Women and Children.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The ATTITUDE of Giving Thanks.

Im home sitting in front of the computer and watching tv at the same time while thinking about the many reasons i need to be thankful and then it dawns on me that there exist thousand and one things that GOD has down and even if i try, i would not be able to fully express mii gratitude for all he has done, but in my lil way.......

If i had words as.......
Wide as the desertland of Saudi Arabia
As deep as the deepening effect of global warming on our oceans
High as the commulative zeniths of the alps and kilimanjaro,
i would have used them.

If i had money..........
As clean as spring Water
As pure as Chastity
As uncountable as Abrahams assignment(the stars),
i would have offered it.

If i had daisies.......
As curt as nice words
As scenty as the mingling of alamander and roses
As blemishless as a young lamb
I would have given.

But all these i do not have
To express my fondest thoughts and gratitude
As you ahve shown in your Actions.

For salvation and ability to visit with you,
For a FAMILY so loving and endearing
For friends and other abezrites
All i want to say is thank You Lord

For the times you kept calling me back
For the healing of my spirit, mind and body
For an opportunity to be resourceful
All i want to say is thank you lord.

For a job i did not thank you for
for dreams that would never perish
For the hurts you kept me from
ALL i want to say is thank you lord

That i was sent back from flamingo airport
On the continental 1860 flight on 09/01/2007
But then you let me back into houston
with a visa expired for over three years

lord you saw my substance, and have continually led me in the right
You have made me a testimony in the land
You never failed to encourage my heart
Cos each day your mercies become new

You stir GREATNESS within the confines of my being
My strength is renewed with each challenge i am faced with
The horrendous tumults only came to make me stronger
My joy came at the break of dawn

Even when i cried and wept for fear that you were far
and my daily routine done in a pit
My heart sought solace in you
and you came just at the niche of time

I ponder and wonder at who you are
the fact that you never LET ME GO
And at a time such as this

Saturday, November 10, 2007

its dark

Tires Screeching,
Metals clanging,
engines idling,
curses and prayers resounding.

Bags and pockets reached
cellphones and data packs retrieved
calls are made from across town
answers very swift and rapid

sirens blaring in response
gurnets and drip pumps rushed out
pulses taken and compressions done
fluids rushed into blood vessels

triages done at the dock
straps loosened and assessments done
diagnosis made by those assigned
tears and sorrows may abound

thoughts of good and not of evil
many at the chapel or wherever they believe
songs of praises song in anticipation
of the best that could ever be.

i personally do not like how gloomy this is. so if you read this pray that the best comes out of it. not the worse.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I was meant to be

I am wonderfully, purposefully, fearfully and conscientiously made. my life has been written and planned by GOD. i am my name," A chosen One". i have been called by GOD. my thirst is quenched by GOD and parched fields watered. GODs spirit is upon my descendants and my children are blessed. Gods purpose has already been procliamed and i am a withness that GOD lives and that i can face tomorrow. My lines are fallen in pleasant places, lo i have a goodly heritage. He has it all figured out. i just ahve to follow cos " I AM A CHOSEN ONE".
Have you ever wondered why your are you? ever pondered the things that you cnat understand? Ever analysed the happenings around you? Well, all these things are GODs own plan for your life. His love for you surpasses anything you can think.You were not created for situations, situations were created for for you. your mind tries to fathom happenings around, tangibility seems to be attached to everything, but the truth is: certain things are GODS design to prove his love and care towards us. As untoward as that may sound, the brick walls just wnat to test how badly we truly want what we say we want. hurdles are there to break the mediocre and grant the price to the perseverer, the one that goes for it and dares to be different.For me, i am GODS favored and loved. i am his favorite child, i am Gods focus. He made me, not by accident, but because he had a purpose for my life. One that the nations would celebrate. my hands would create peace, health and happiness for the world. My Heart would bring life to people. I would be a difference and make a difference in this world. "He made me for a reason and my life has profound meaning". irrespective of what we may think, everything he has done so far, is to benefit us and bring us to an expected end. His thoughts for us are thoughts of good and perfection.
And in turn may our hearts say this to him:
"Lord may you be my focus point just as i am your focus. may my life never seize to bring you Joy. may i never drift away from your Grace and Mercy". I Love you lord.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

All about Him

Sometimes we get carried away by the stuff around us. we get engrossed in "our" abilities and we think its all about what we do, how we do it,to or for whom we do it and who we know. But the reality of it all is that If GOD is not in it,then we are headed for disaster. it is all about what he directs and commands that we do,the way he says it. Sometimes, we tend to go so fast and we dont listen for his voice but the truth remains that if he has not given his blessing,then we may as well not delve into it cos it might have us devastated. Sometimes he stops us cos he has our lives written, so he noes what we need wen we need it. He makes all things beautiful in his time."ITS" all about "HIM".Before we were born he knew us and his purpose for our lives are hidden in his word concerning us. all we need to do is take hold of his words and live our lives knowing that he gat our backs.His purpose dates back to a long time so he knows that we sometimes may think: " oh he doesnt understand", but the truth is he "Really Does". some obstacles are meant to make us even better, so we can come out of it all "On Top", with our heads held high.
'No eye has seen, nor ears heard or thoughts ever imagined what GOD has prepared for US, his Kids that Love HIM.
So as we go on living each day like we got it figured out, we should try having it at teh back of our minds that wkaing up, was and is a luxury that he gave us . so we need to acknowledge the fact that he would not afford us that if he would'nt see us through it.
Its all done in love people, its with much Love

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the prize of royalty

The pain sometimes tugs at our hearts
Deeper than just the superficial
The knowing that our pride cannot redeem
Ourselfs' from our straying actions

The question why is so loud and clear
But sometimes its more rhetorical than literal
The very answer lies within us
From years of evolution still evolving

Its always nice to be on top
But hurts when we have to bow
To things that go beyond our reasoning
We hardly could tell them from reality

But life takes different turns
Some more elating than deflating
The true lessons takes a while to be learnt
The mundane but bitter truth be told

Oh life is beautiful and great
So much more than the present can reveal
Joys of bliss yet to be found
A life of fullness gruefully sought.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mercy Said No

Was home chilling like errone does on a weekend. diid not have any thing to do other than study for an exam slated for the 22nd, i hope this is the last i get to write that exam(it will be in Jesus Name..AMEN). and i strolled into my room and did some singing along. just kept singing along with my ares playlist. each song i sang, had its own meaning and ministered to me, i was getting on my knees, only imagining what it would be like to be standing face to face with GOD and knowing that my redeemer lives......and as i was listening i knew that only GOD and he alone takes care of our fragile hearts. I am no saint, i have had to question GODS love for me many times. some times i ask him why he doesnt give up on me, especially when i think about the many things i do, and how i forget to appreciate his grace over my life and how i run away from the ministry he has given me.amidst all that he stilll cares. his grace and mercy remains and he deals with me in love, thats why when i get on my knees all i feel is love and power. i can hate that he loves me so, but one thing im sure of, is that he would never give up on me. join me and thank him for he never gives up on us.
grace and peace.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Beauty of numbers

Time flies by when we dont ahve nothing to do. we sit indoors wondering about our next move and then it hits, just maybe we were menat to be where we are. just maybe its part of a divine plan that we be where we are. For a while all i ahve done is find reasons not to be happy, all i do is ask questions i already have answers to. if he brought us to it, he would take us through it. i bet i have heard that over a thousand timnes and its one of my favorite phrases, so why cnat i take heed to that now when i truly need it. pain is almost a constant comapanion these days. my once dashing smile seems scarser than fuel in NIGERIA. Its been so hard to sit still and think of all the many plans i had and that seem to be changing concomitantly with the IMMIGRATION LAWS in the US. basically i wish GOD was standing before me telling me just what i wnat to hear, but then i know i have herad that small stil voice overe and over again, telling me just how much he has me taken care of in his own plan and purpose. he tells me how everything that happens in my life has been specially orchestrated by him for my sole good. sometimes i feel like i am selfish and other times i feel justified at my anger at GOD and the world. but then reality strikes and as i read Jaycees post on lifting up bloody hands and some otehr stuff, it occurs to me that his word had been confirmed over and over again, but i am so dogged and am slefish and unheeding and all i want to do is listen to my orgulous self. i dont know if i am making sense but sometimes the so called negative things may just be our lever of elevation. we need the valley experience to stay prudently when we get to the mountain top. so just maybe sometimes we would make greater leeway if we would stop complaining and actually do what we have been asked to sometimes we need to listen to teh birds chirping, the winds gustling by our windows and the rain drumming on our window panes cos jus maybe those are answers to our many prayers. So hop on the bandwagon, let go of your pain and anguish, and live life to the fullest, it might be all you gat.


speaker A
I want to run
As far as i can
from the voices i hear
the right and wrong

speaker B
is that all u can do
to retreat in cowardice
and run from yourself
to a land of demise and scum

speaker A
My dreams seem thwarted
i long for peace and rest
thousands of questions abound
exactly how far can i go

speaker B
You can go just as afr as you want
your strength lies within
use it as you please
for good or bad

speaker A
thats not much much help
i want a plan, a way out
a blueprint of revelations
a lodestone to my dreams

speaker B
you have that already
the smile that creases your face
the shimmer in your eyes
you gat hope

speaker A
i know i have hope
the paradoxical movements i feel
the flickering of my lashes
thats hope right there

speaker B
laugh it out dude
enjoy the sights of autumn
the chills are inevitable
its part of nature.

life deals us blows
all we need do is rise and flow
believing in our soul
the power to restore.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back for good!!!!

someone left me a message asking me to update my blog that it been four months, never knew time have flewn by so fast and lotta stuff has happened in the time past. for the people that used to read my blog, i do apologise for been gone, it would not happen cos there are lots to talk about as the day goes by and i see my life unfolding in teh direction that GOD wants and has destined it to go. i do am very greatful for many things. it would be me going back in time andtelling all that has happened and still is happening, thanks for reading my blogs i do appreciate it and would make your time worth the while,
grace and peace

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Web are humans and as such we have certain attributes that are undeniably present even though we try to subdue them sometimes. it takes years to know people and to build relationships with them. we sometimes are in oblivion as to how well we know these people or better still how far they have seeped into our beings. now the hard part would be to say goodbye when reality hits and they have to go, not like its bad, but then the thought of realligning your way of life and changing certain things about you that already was present just makes it all teh more difficult. i may not be making sence, but i feel like the unemotional person that i am can actually show emotions at this point in time when someone dear to be is gonna be gone a while, who am i kidding, it might actually be the last time i get to spend a weekend with the person for a pretty long time. what can i do but to pray that the future comes with many goodness for us all and that i can actually live knowing that the person is okay and having what they have desired for a pretty long time. peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Shrugs at our shoulders
tugs at our hearts
compromises we made
trying to fit a facade

Decisions are hard to make
to bite or not to taste
to wait or just give in
the bitter sweet truth be told

I pace and race in riverie
my ego and superego in rivalry
a tug of war-a balance not yet struck
i feel like i am stuck

Lessons from long ago
gifts are meant to be preserved
till its ripe to be upheld in full
the beauty and quality still assured

It is a societal epidemic
a fad but yet devastating
paths are tread with cher regrets
hopes that lines are pleasantly drawn.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Friends forever she said we are
but then i said i miss ya much
in answer she said its hard to believe
cos its been s log since we last talked.

Time flies so a popular saying goes
but its effects on people cannot be undermined
oceans and elevations stand as a barrier
keeping people from seeing eachother

How was i to know how u felt?
i'm not a sorcerer at the very least
feelings are known only if spoken of
and this one a little difficult to detect

Misconceptions about my personality
am in a snort or am i an extrovert
too loud for comfort or just as should be
its not my fault that i am "liked by many"

But i cant deny the vacuum i feel
of loosing one so dear and special
years gone by and al so fast
wishing that things could be as they once were.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Cant tell it all

yesterday was just like everyother. went to bed at 3am when i have a class at 9 its a bad habit i need to stop, still working on it. went about my business, gave credit to whom it was due and headed for class cursing at the cold weather and wishing i didnt ahve to wince in pain from the cold stumping against my sides and chest. i slipped and almost fell like three times before i got into class. im in class and its all nice and dandy cos thank goodness i dont ahve to leave the building till 4pm so i dont ahve to risk getting back into the cold. well my fone rang while i wa sin class and it was some person who was looking for a place to stay. it so happened that i had been without a roomamte for two months and i have been footing teh bills all the while and for a person with no job, it comes at a bigger price than i am willing to pay. yes i get to live in peace and without interference from no body but then on the other ahnd i lack the wherewithal to live like that just yet. i walked out into the cold went tup to meet this person and talked about the possibilities of having to withstand this person for as needed. well it so happened that as i went with this person to pick teh persons bags and stuff and help the person settle in, i walked to pick my mails and what i saw made me so stupefied that for the next ten minutes i didi not say a word, i was aphasic and thought i probably had had a right sided strong or something. i had prayed for certain things to fall through for a pretty long time, and it ahd to do with the uscis, for you interbnational students that have had to do a change of status or the sought of thing, u would know what i am talking about, ithas drained me physically, finanacially, emotionally and u name it, at a point i began to question the reason i made a step but well it so happened that at a point all i did was faith it. i prayed, asked, sougth, knocked, offered offerings and i just let it go, i told my self that i was done fretting or worrying about what will be. it was time i just sat and let things happen. well things actually ahappened. i got the letter yesterday and they approved my change of status and now i can feel normal again. i am at a loss at what to say, i feel liike GOD just goes out of his way to embarass us. isnt he just wonderfully great. i have been feeling so full of praise and thanks for teh hours after that encounter so hey if u ever read this, all i ask is a few word of thanks with me to GOD.
GRACE AND PEACE Y'ALL and a very wonderfull weekend too.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


i was up as early as could be since i had to be at clinicals very early in the morning. i said a hurried prayer and headed in the shower. i was done and ready for my 54 minute drive when my phone rang and it was my mum. she called to say hello and as usual my day was made. i drove as fast as i could cos i already was late. i was stuck behind the train tracks,50minutes of my day gone, and all i wanted to do was appear to my preceptors as serious. i walked into the office my head held high in anticipation of what my day would be like;full of mysteries and a day of achievement.patients came in one after another, diagosis made and medications given, off they went in another 10-15 mins. As i went through the day, it became clear that we humans are ungrateful at how much we have,yet we keep complaining of the litlle things we think we dont have. along came a father with his two sons, one almost a teenager and the other a six year old. A CpK protein test was ordered and for you medicals you know what that means, this little boy had a strange waddle in his gait, he could not stand up from a squat without using accessory muscles: he probably has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. this dude may not live to his 12th birthday, the reason been that he may loose every single muscle tone in his body that he might end up in a wheelchair. this disease is an X-linked one it is a mutation on the number one band of the small arm of the x chromosome(X2p.1)literally his mum passed it on to him. it hurts to know that that poor woman will live her life guilt tripping when it was not her fault she was just a carrier. As i exchanged my views with the Doctor, i thought about my three brothers, how much i loved them and never want to see them hurt. But then i felt a thug at my heart, a feeling of ungratefulness. who told me i had a right to whine wen all i have is an occasional back ache and tension down my neck, who told me i had the right to whine when i can actually afford buying gas for my car who told me i had the right to whine when friends come to my house cos its warmer than theirs, who told me i have not been ungrateful when i go through the day not thanking GOD enough. i definitely would not want to be a 12 year old asthmatic that goes through his inhalers in less than 10days, definitely not a cancer survivor who now has a nerve defect from her chemo and a paraplegic for a son, definitely not a guy whose lungs are so fibrosed that he is a medical simulator for students. people we need to get on our knees and thank GOD. through our highs and lows he still sees us through. we are hail and hearty and our loved ones are doing great , we do good in school and others in our classes need stimulators to concentrate, we can afford to waste food and others go through months uncertain about what they would eat. we live in peace and kids in certain places have to fight for survival, living for them is a daily struggle. do i need to say more, the thanks need to keep going up, we need to thank the man upstairs for all the little perks that go unnoticed in our daily lives.
Psalms 66: 1-3a; 8-9;10-12;13-20
Make a joyful shout to the GOD ,all the earth ......make his presence glorious.......oh bless our GOD, you peoples! and make the voice of his praise heard, who keeps our soul among the living and does not allow our feet to be moved. verse 10- 12 talks about GOD testing us and refining us in the process just like silver, he lets affliction on us just to see how faithful we can be but amidst all he brings us to sweet FULFILLMENT. peeps we need to be grateful for everything.
it is my desire that i be like david and be grateful even when i have my face to the wall.
grace and peace and have a great rest of the week.

katy clinic

Dings and Chimes you hear as you go
Stethoscopes straped around necks
Cuffs and wires streaking around
welcomes you to the doctors office.

Questions and answers go back and forth
worries aggravate as anxiety mounts
everyone that comes in wants to know
what exactly is wrong with me

Kids and Adults walk hand-in-hand
Parents in oblivion as to what is wrong
soreness, restlessness and whining abound
boo-hoo and puking the order of the day

Angels in human form introduce themselves
vital signs are taken and recorded as well
reports are made to whom it concerns
shots and pills are given as thus

Days go by and people await their fates
some so good and others dissappointing
questions abound in the minds of the learned
what else is there to be done

Physicians work so hard that it hurts
Nurses assist with passion and dligence
but all the do is treat the pain
only GOD heals and makes a person whole

Monday, January 22, 2007


Life is a stage
living in this age
looks like a mirage
builds up like a rage

You think you got it all
and then its all at a stall
you wonder why its all gone
the feeling of being on top

i've learned a lot in life
the harsh and bitter sweet
the truth of it all remains
life is not a bed of roses

We cry and smile at life
happy to be alive
looking forward to the beauties
that reside around our cities

We yearn and long for good things
in all that life brings our way
to be the one in charge,
and have the best thereof.


what then is there to be said,
that it is bright or it is plain
the roads cry to be cleared
and people sniff for the stench.

its not the best of seasons;
not as nice as summer
nor nearly as beautiful as spring
it indeed does not speak for itself

it cries to be loved
but offcourse goes unheeded
as questions abide in the hearts of many
why do you litter?

it replies thus:
i am what nature made me
i stand to complete the cycle
of what begins in january

why would you not care about me
and look beyond beyond my physical beauty,
i have more than is seen
all it takes is a little more concentration.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Much more than a cheer in mood,
more than offering a smile
not sown from thoughts alone
but comes from deep within the soul
its more of contentment of heart
than singing songs on a sunny day
it propels the hidden treasures
that rest beyond the bedrocks of man
it is a necessary condiment
for sweetness and rest of the mind.