Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reeled in

Wool over my eyes removed
Heart hardened as stone
Vascular blood congealed
Chest tightened like a knot

Review of time past
Wasted or spent in essence
The pounding of vessels in my head
A conclusion difficult to be drawn

Words spoken amiss
Untruths told for ulterior motives
Outlandish actions withheld by design
Puzzling realizations unleashed

Unshed tears rising up like bile
Anxious feelings begging to be free
Anger at appearances of deceit
An appeal made for peace

An unbridled resolve to abstain
From utterances seemingly unending
Questions resounding from within
Alliances chosen with blood in mind.

Experiences are meant for elucidation
Brooding a thing for weaklings
Undulations a fact of life
Bridging trust a thing for a few.