Monday, December 24, 2007

To Two Very Important People

This post is meant for the 25th but since i would be too busy to be online i figured i should put it up a lil earlier. so straddle yourselves and enjoy my lil christmas gift.

From being born some twenty something years ago, the 25th of december represents two big celebrations of life. One for a gift that remitts my spoiled image, irrespective of how damaged it may be and for all other believers, and the other for the one that brought me to earth(my mum). These people have impacted me with lots of great things.

Jesus for one taught me to love irrespective of the state of my heart, he showed me a whole different level of reverence that i thought never existed, he teaches me the right path to walk and the way that would bring me to an expected end. and what more can i do but to be happy that i can share in the celebration of a very significant day as this. Most times around xmas i take time out to search my heart as to what gift i can give, last year i wrote him a poem and this year what to get or offer seems to elude me. well for the longest time i have been asking him to restore me back to himself so yea my heart once again to him is a good enough gift, dont y'all think so? well well well................... i actually diid another peom for him this year.

wrappings of gifts with high price tags
fragrances and designer names that come with them
huge credit card bills after the season
a cliche for what the season has become

commercialisation is the order of the day
the colors obviously green and red
ferrero rochers and scandinivian nuts
highlights every dinner table around the block

pictures taken and turned into cards
poetry written about the beauty of the season
stamps on envelopes in various shapes and colors
accompanying messages of glad tidings

i may try so hard to get one across to you
but how exactly can that be
but from a heart of pureness and truth
in sincerity i come led by the northern star

My heart is poured out in reverence
My pride bowed in obeisance to your deity
My being acknowledging your superiority
My soul responding to your humility

Its another time to say happy birthday
even though you're grown but yet celebrating
another chance at a better life for someone
cos sometime in over two milleniums you were born.

Happy Birthday lord Jesus, Happy birthday to you.

And then to my best friend, one from whose mouth flows wisdom as from a virtuous woman, she taught me the first things i kow about christ. she worked hard at making me the young woman i see myself becoming each new day, she opened my heart to accepting the things i cannot change but yet coming out of it with memories that would last me a lifetime. i love you mum and even though i dont get to spend this xmas and birthday with you, i know that this year would be greater than you ahve ever experienced. thanks for loving me, biobele,josiah,esther,deborah and tamk. thanks for being a wife,sister, partner and lover to our dad.I would not trade you for nuin cos u have undoubtedly shown the beauty that reside on ur inside. i love ya ma and on another birthday i want to scream a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU MII. Love ya tonnes.

And to errone of my family, friends, acquaintances and blogville fam. this is to you a wonderful season of joy and kindness. may teh reason for the season dwell in ur hearts granting you a reason to smile and be happy cos its all about the love people. so spread the goodnews and be happy.
Merry Christmas to all that believe and happy holidays to you all.
Grace and peace.


little miss me said...

merry xmas to you too! lovely poem.

Nilla said...

Merry Christmas dear!


Merry Christmas!!

Isi said...

and wonderful season to u too curvy! have urself a jolly time!

Ugo Daniels said...

hope yout hols were lovely...happy new year

Oracle said...

That was a nice post, Curvy

Happy new year

Jaycee said...

Happy new yr dear. How are u?

rethots said...

A very beautiful ode. Hail to mama(s) & to The Unquestionable One -Kabiyesi.