Sunday, October 28, 2007

I was meant to be

I am wonderfully, purposefully, fearfully and conscientiously made. my life has been written and planned by GOD. i am my name," A chosen One". i have been called by GOD. my thirst is quenched by GOD and parched fields watered. GODs spirit is upon my descendants and my children are blessed. Gods purpose has already been procliamed and i am a withness that GOD lives and that i can face tomorrow. My lines are fallen in pleasant places, lo i have a goodly heritage. He has it all figured out. i just ahve to follow cos " I AM A CHOSEN ONE".
Have you ever wondered why your are you? ever pondered the things that you cnat understand? Ever analysed the happenings around you? Well, all these things are GODs own plan for your life. His love for you surpasses anything you can think.You were not created for situations, situations were created for for you. your mind tries to fathom happenings around, tangibility seems to be attached to everything, but the truth is: certain things are GODS design to prove his love and care towards us. As untoward as that may sound, the brick walls just wnat to test how badly we truly want what we say we want. hurdles are there to break the mediocre and grant the price to the perseverer, the one that goes for it and dares to be different.For me, i am GODS favored and loved. i am his favorite child, i am Gods focus. He made me, not by accident, but because he had a purpose for my life. One that the nations would celebrate. my hands would create peace, health and happiness for the world. My Heart would bring life to people. I would be a difference and make a difference in this world. "He made me for a reason and my life has profound meaning". irrespective of what we may think, everything he has done so far, is to benefit us and bring us to an expected end. His thoughts for us are thoughts of good and perfection.
And in turn may our hearts say this to him:
"Lord may you be my focus point just as i am your focus. may my life never seize to bring you Joy. may i never drift away from your Grace and Mercy". I Love you lord.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

All about Him

Sometimes we get carried away by the stuff around us. we get engrossed in "our" abilities and we think its all about what we do, how we do it,to or for whom we do it and who we know. But the reality of it all is that If GOD is not in it,then we are headed for disaster. it is all about what he directs and commands that we do,the way he says it. Sometimes, we tend to go so fast and we dont listen for his voice but the truth remains that if he has not given his blessing,then we may as well not delve into it cos it might have us devastated. Sometimes he stops us cos he has our lives written, so he noes what we need wen we need it. He makes all things beautiful in his time."ITS" all about "HIM".Before we were born he knew us and his purpose for our lives are hidden in his word concerning us. all we need to do is take hold of his words and live our lives knowing that he gat our backs.His purpose dates back to a long time so he knows that we sometimes may think: " oh he doesnt understand", but the truth is he "Really Does". some obstacles are meant to make us even better, so we can come out of it all "On Top", with our heads held high.
'No eye has seen, nor ears heard or thoughts ever imagined what GOD has prepared for US, his Kids that Love HIM.
So as we go on living each day like we got it figured out, we should try having it at teh back of our minds that wkaing up, was and is a luxury that he gave us . so we need to acknowledge the fact that he would not afford us that if he would'nt see us through it.
Its all done in love people, its with much Love

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the prize of royalty

The pain sometimes tugs at our hearts
Deeper than just the superficial
The knowing that our pride cannot redeem
Ourselfs' from our straying actions

The question why is so loud and clear
But sometimes its more rhetorical than literal
The very answer lies within us
From years of evolution still evolving

Its always nice to be on top
But hurts when we have to bow
To things that go beyond our reasoning
We hardly could tell them from reality

But life takes different turns
Some more elating than deflating
The true lessons takes a while to be learnt
The mundane but bitter truth be told

Oh life is beautiful and great
So much more than the present can reveal
Joys of bliss yet to be found
A life of fullness gruefully sought.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mercy Said No

Was home chilling like errone does on a weekend. diid not have any thing to do other than study for an exam slated for the 22nd, i hope this is the last i get to write that exam(it will be in Jesus Name..AMEN). and i strolled into my room and did some singing along. just kept singing along with my ares playlist. each song i sang, had its own meaning and ministered to me, i was getting on my knees, only imagining what it would be like to be standing face to face with GOD and knowing that my redeemer lives......and as i was listening i knew that only GOD and he alone takes care of our fragile hearts. I am no saint, i have had to question GODS love for me many times. some times i ask him why he doesnt give up on me, especially when i think about the many things i do, and how i forget to appreciate his grace over my life and how i run away from the ministry he has given me.amidst all that he stilll cares. his grace and mercy remains and he deals with me in love, thats why when i get on my knees all i feel is love and power. i can hate that he loves me so, but one thing im sure of, is that he would never give up on me. join me and thank him for he never gives up on us.
grace and peace.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Beauty of numbers

Time flies by when we dont ahve nothing to do. we sit indoors wondering about our next move and then it hits, just maybe we were menat to be where we are. just maybe its part of a divine plan that we be where we are. For a while all i ahve done is find reasons not to be happy, all i do is ask questions i already have answers to. if he brought us to it, he would take us through it. i bet i have heard that over a thousand timnes and its one of my favorite phrases, so why cnat i take heed to that now when i truly need it. pain is almost a constant comapanion these days. my once dashing smile seems scarser than fuel in NIGERIA. Its been so hard to sit still and think of all the many plans i had and that seem to be changing concomitantly with the IMMIGRATION LAWS in the US. basically i wish GOD was standing before me telling me just what i wnat to hear, but then i know i have herad that small stil voice overe and over again, telling me just how much he has me taken care of in his own plan and purpose. he tells me how everything that happens in my life has been specially orchestrated by him for my sole good. sometimes i feel like i am selfish and other times i feel justified at my anger at GOD and the world. but then reality strikes and as i read Jaycees post on lifting up bloody hands and some otehr stuff, it occurs to me that his word had been confirmed over and over again, but i am so dogged and am slefish and unheeding and all i want to do is listen to my orgulous self. i dont know if i am making sense but sometimes the so called negative things may just be our lever of elevation. we need the valley experience to stay prudently when we get to the mountain top. so just maybe sometimes we would make greater leeway if we would stop complaining and actually do what we have been asked to sometimes we need to listen to teh birds chirping, the winds gustling by our windows and the rain drumming on our window panes cos jus maybe those are answers to our many prayers. So hop on the bandwagon, let go of your pain and anguish, and live life to the fullest, it might be all you gat.


speaker A
I want to run
As far as i can
from the voices i hear
the right and wrong

speaker B
is that all u can do
to retreat in cowardice
and run from yourself
to a land of demise and scum

speaker A
My dreams seem thwarted
i long for peace and rest
thousands of questions abound
exactly how far can i go

speaker B
You can go just as afr as you want
your strength lies within
use it as you please
for good or bad

speaker A
thats not much much help
i want a plan, a way out
a blueprint of revelations
a lodestone to my dreams

speaker B
you have that already
the smile that creases your face
the shimmer in your eyes
you gat hope

speaker A
i know i have hope
the paradoxical movements i feel
the flickering of my lashes
thats hope right there

speaker B
laugh it out dude
enjoy the sights of autumn
the chills are inevitable
its part of nature.

life deals us blows
all we need do is rise and flow
believing in our soul
the power to restore.