Friday, July 13, 2012

 haven't written anything in a while but while underground enroute South Kensington this Am, I had this word on my heart; time and chance. The full meaning of this nugget began to unfold as I had flashbacks on my life and I could not help but be so grateful that tears almost trickled down my face.My life in the last year has been exciting but challenging: I have just completed my first year of medical school( a dream nineteen odd years in the making) lived in England for almost one year( lots of mixed feelings about this), and have a fun summer filled with adventure and excitement planned, this gets me reeling; it's almost impossible to hold back.

The reader might be wondering where I'm headed with this, well the crux of the gist rests in the fact that my dreaming mind could only have seen all of these as dreams when I look back at my life a decade ago. It took a lot of faith and not letting go even when I had reasons to,to get me to this point in my life. I have made tons of mistakes, i have had to question God sometimes, i have even caged myself from the world and pondered the many mishaps or near mishaps that i have narrowly escaped. But in all, i can emphatically say that I have been blessed and highly favored and while I sit here watching the unperturbed fellow train riders in this carriage, I can't help but be thankful for my life thus far.

For the fellow who doubts in his/ her heart about the events unfolding in their lives, I write in response to that doubt; you definitely are not treading life alone, there is a God who steps in right on time. When it seems like he is not listening, he only is prepping you for greater challenges and thus is working out patience in your life.  For the person who seems to have lost the strength and courage to move on, you sure are stronger than you think and believe at this time, you're a light that will give light to others so SHINE. For that child who is afraid to dream because of your present reality, that's all it is, your present, you have the power to change it and that power resides in your mind. For that person who thinks its too late, no its not, it never is; your own time is NOW! And for that person that has given up cos you have failed too many times, at least that's how you feel, Failure isn't the end of a thing, its just a means to create originality; it sends you back to the drawing board to re-evaluate your methods and tweak your goals as necessary. The world awaits the refined and pure you.

Living in self pity and degradation would not help your course...

We were all meant to shine like children do, it's not just in some of us, it's in all of us. The battle is not to the strong nor to the swift but Time and chance happens to them all... We all have our seasons, the question then should be: would you be ready for the "Time and Chance" ?

Seleipiri iboroma Akobo
May 17th, 2012

It is well

Almost a week ago on sunday the 3rd of June, my country Nigeria was plunged into mourning as a plane carrying 153 passengers ended up in an apt building while it was attempting to land at the airport in Lagos. I was in Dubai @ the time and was preparing to fly to Bangkok Thailand.  Once the news broke, first instinct was check on family and close friends who frequented the route, and those were the longest hours of my life as I received news of safety from these folks. But I couldn't help but notice how scared I had become of flying and when my foot touched land, I was the happiest person in the world.

I however, have been in a sad state of mind and have cried in the still and quietness of my solitude each day as I ask God questions of why he allowed such a catastrophe that somehow has affected every citizen and affiliate of my great country. As I pondered on this occurrence, obviously many other Nigerians pondered and wondered along same lines: life is fickle and the next minute is not assured or Not.

I was thrown into a conundrum because my Christian faith and covenant with God promises life, and I'm guessing many people aboard that aircraft or even those in their houses or those involved in the bomb blast at a church in Bauchi that same day shared that belief: so why then did it happen? 

Numerous conversations ensued but then one struck a chord,  wether we live or die is Christ: our entity is in him and that he chooses us and decides what happens to and with us. And that we can not decipher the workings of his mind and as a very dear friend puts it:" his sovereignty tops every law, every morality, every right".  And I was reminded by this same friend the scripture Is 20:12 that already reminds us that there is no searching of Gods wisdom.

My quest continued and daily he gave me a new word: but 1 corinthians 2:16a wowed me further: " for who hath known the mind of the lord that he may instruct him"? And just goes to buttress the fact and truth that Gods sovereignty and ability to make decisions that concern us as individuals, families , nations and the world trumps our feelings, emotions and need for closure. We just need to yield completely to his will knowing that somehow it works together for our good( Romans 8:23-39).

As I read and I'm wowed , I can't help but think of how difficult the absorption of this may be for those directly involved, but like ps 39:4( teach me to number my days cos my life is fleeting) and Job 8:9(our days on earth are like a shadow) puts it, we are not assured of living for ever, the onus therefore rest on us to live our lives thankful for every day, cherishing every experience, relishing moments with family, friends and loved ones and in all staying connected to our source of life(God), so when life is snuffed out of us, we can be sure of eternity with him.

To the victims I pray rest, to their families, friends and loved ones I pray succor and peace. And to everyone hurting and in despair from loosing or @ the verge of loosing a loved one, stay encouraged, it's all part of a bigger plan. We have hope that worketh patience in us that God has us all figured out, hard as it may seem to grasp right now.

It is well!!!

Seleipiri Iboroma Akobo
June 8th, 2012


Waters so blue
Tides in waves
Caressing the banks
Like a waltz.

An understatement
An awesome picture
Creations story.

I am reminded yet 
My disposition patterned
My lines in tow
The puzzle taking shape

Ever grateful
Thanks a giving
In obeisance bowed
Never enough Still


Heart at REST
Sought answers found
Because of Grace.

Seleipiri Iboroma Akobo
July 12th,2012