Monday, December 3, 2007


What i want to be is who GOD wants me to be. my desire to be that hurts so much that i feel sick. every day questions abound in my heart, what other way could i have tread but this one. What other route would have taken me to the purpose of GOD for my life. i wouldn't Say i haven't strayed and i would not say mercy and grace haven't been there for me, but each time i look back , all i see is GOD, his Love, his Arms, his Smile, his Favor; everything about him encompasses my daily life. He drives my passion, he drives my needs, he drives my very being. Amidst the turmoil and turbulence that i feel, i see direction, i see a path, i see everything taking shape......and its all cos of HIM. i cant say he has not been good cos my life is a testimony of how great he is and always will be. My life is on course,even though it may not seem like it . i see him shining his face on me telling me "hold on, don't let go. it is i who have called you from your mothers womb, it is i who has given you every dream and aspiration". " it is i who has made everything they were they are, better than they would have been. So just hang in there". Don't fret and be discouraged. don't think about what the world would say about you. Don't worry yourself about the daily vices, let your heart be fixed on more important things- the things of the spirit, the things that give you life. let your days be spent living a purpose filled life. let your years be focused around the things that make you you(GOD n his Purpose). let your goal be driven by his will and purpose.let everything you live for be what he wants them to be.
Focus on the things above , on thing that are immaterial, on the things that transcend human calculation. the things men cannot take from you even when they try so hard. But focus on GODS undying and never decomposing love. focus on the word that became flesh. dwell on the powerful and all knowing intelligence(power) of GOD. center your self around the indefatigable spirit that comforts and guides, even when we are not receptive. reflect on the positivity of the situation at hand, cos they only make you stronger. God never gives us more than we can bear, he never carves out a destiny we cannot fulfill, he never gives us shoes we cannot fill. he has written the pages of our lives as he knows us to be able to live it. he never goes wrong on his word. So then hang in there and never let go of life. Live, cos in him, we gat ALL things; life, peace, wealth, prosperity, self actualization etc.


Kafo said...

i'm first

awww okay

i find myself in a similiar situation only i'm the swinging pendulum today i want what he wants mii to be

and then tomorrow and wake up and want to know what he wants mii to be before i agree.

now u have mii thinking

Tuch said...

this has been ringing in ma ears foreva, but as stubborn as i am i refuse to listeen or heed the voice. its time to let God do his thing. i know he will neva let me buy any size 12 or 13 shoes. lol. i know he is there angel, he is speaking to me thru you. thanks for the word


Hm, thank you for sharing this. We all at some point or the other need to read this and get wisdom. God has incredible things planned for all of us.

Jaycee said...

You don't understand what this post just did for me, you'll probably never know the full impact! See, for the past two days I've been asking silly questions...questions like, "why can't I just see a glimpse of my future?" And then I'll pause and say, "The plans God has for my future are GREAT." And then I'll smile again. Then a few minutes after I'll find myself asking another set of questions.

But this post is a CONFIRMATION from God that I have to keep my FOCUS. That I have to dwell in His presence. Yes, He never makes any mistakes. Yes, He knows what He is doing. Yes, He never mis-calculates. He is GOD, ALL BY HIMSELF. He has written about me and my triumphs!!!!


I'm so happy abt this Thanks.

Jaycee said...

U have hereby been ultimately TAGGED!!!

Olamild said...

well written

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

nice blog

rethots said...

...reminds me of a hymn, "Will your anchor hold in the storms of life, When the clouds unfold their wings of strife, When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain, Will your anchor drift or firm remain. We have an anchor that keeps the soul, Steadfast and sure while the billows roll; Fastened to the Rock which cannot move, Grounded firm and deep in the Saviour's love."