Monday, October 8, 2007

Beauty of numbers

Time flies by when we dont ahve nothing to do. we sit indoors wondering about our next move and then it hits, just maybe we were menat to be where we are. just maybe its part of a divine plan that we be where we are. For a while all i ahve done is find reasons not to be happy, all i do is ask questions i already have answers to. if he brought us to it, he would take us through it. i bet i have heard that over a thousand timnes and its one of my favorite phrases, so why cnat i take heed to that now when i truly need it. pain is almost a constant comapanion these days. my once dashing smile seems scarser than fuel in NIGERIA. Its been so hard to sit still and think of all the many plans i had and that seem to be changing concomitantly with the IMMIGRATION LAWS in the US. basically i wish GOD was standing before me telling me just what i wnat to hear, but then i know i have herad that small stil voice overe and over again, telling me just how much he has me taken care of in his own plan and purpose. he tells me how everything that happens in my life has been specially orchestrated by him for my sole good. sometimes i feel like i am selfish and other times i feel justified at my anger at GOD and the world. but then reality strikes and as i read Jaycees post on lifting up bloody hands and some otehr stuff, it occurs to me that his word had been confirmed over and over again, but i am so dogged and am slefish and unheeding and all i want to do is listen to my orgulous self. i dont know if i am making sense but sometimes the so called negative things may just be our lever of elevation. we need the valley experience to stay prudently when we get to the mountain top. so just maybe sometimes we would make greater leeway if we would stop complaining and actually do what we have been asked to sometimes we need to listen to teh birds chirping, the winds gustling by our windows and the rain drumming on our window panes cos jus maybe those are answers to our many prayers. So hop on the bandwagon, let go of your pain and anguish, and live life to the fullest, it might be all you gat.

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Rinsola said...

Girl you said it already. Just want you to know, He's working behind the scenes of your life. Though it seems all so difficlut now, but watch out for that revelation in your present situation. I pray for His strength over your life, His light over your situation and may His name be glorified at the end of it. Keep holding on to him Girl.