Monday, December 24, 2007

To Two Very Important People

This post is meant for the 25th but since i would be too busy to be online i figured i should put it up a lil earlier. so straddle yourselves and enjoy my lil christmas gift.

From being born some twenty something years ago, the 25th of december represents two big celebrations of life. One for a gift that remitts my spoiled image, irrespective of how damaged it may be and for all other believers, and the other for the one that brought me to earth(my mum). These people have impacted me with lots of great things.

Jesus for one taught me to love irrespective of the state of my heart, he showed me a whole different level of reverence that i thought never existed, he teaches me the right path to walk and the way that would bring me to an expected end. and what more can i do but to be happy that i can share in the celebration of a very significant day as this. Most times around xmas i take time out to search my heart as to what gift i can give, last year i wrote him a poem and this year what to get or offer seems to elude me. well for the longest time i have been asking him to restore me back to himself so yea my heart once again to him is a good enough gift, dont y'all think so? well well well................... i actually diid another peom for him this year.

wrappings of gifts with high price tags
fragrances and designer names that come with them
huge credit card bills after the season
a cliche for what the season has become

commercialisation is the order of the day
the colors obviously green and red
ferrero rochers and scandinivian nuts
highlights every dinner table around the block

pictures taken and turned into cards
poetry written about the beauty of the season
stamps on envelopes in various shapes and colors
accompanying messages of glad tidings

i may try so hard to get one across to you
but how exactly can that be
but from a heart of pureness and truth
in sincerity i come led by the northern star

My heart is poured out in reverence
My pride bowed in obeisance to your deity
My being acknowledging your superiority
My soul responding to your humility

Its another time to say happy birthday
even though you're grown but yet celebrating
another chance at a better life for someone
cos sometime in over two milleniums you were born.

Happy Birthday lord Jesus, Happy birthday to you.

And then to my best friend, one from whose mouth flows wisdom as from a virtuous woman, she taught me the first things i kow about christ. she worked hard at making me the young woman i see myself becoming each new day, she opened my heart to accepting the things i cannot change but yet coming out of it with memories that would last me a lifetime. i love you mum and even though i dont get to spend this xmas and birthday with you, i know that this year would be greater than you ahve ever experienced. thanks for loving me, biobele,josiah,esther,deborah and tamk. thanks for being a wife,sister, partner and lover to our dad.I would not trade you for nuin cos u have undoubtedly shown the beauty that reside on ur inside. i love ya ma and on another birthday i want to scream a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU MII. Love ya tonnes.

And to errone of my family, friends, acquaintances and blogville fam. this is to you a wonderful season of joy and kindness. may teh reason for the season dwell in ur hearts granting you a reason to smile and be happy cos its all about the love people. so spread the goodnews and be happy.
Merry Christmas to all that believe and happy holidays to you all.
Grace and peace.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Seven Weird Things Bout Moi

I dont know that i can actually say i am weird, rather i would say i am unique you know and some of these things make me even more Unique.cos i am TOO VINTAGE FOR DESIGNERS......

I dance anywhere i hear mum used to wonder what it was about. its so bad that i might be walking down the street and i hear this music i like and im in a world of my own, rocking to the beat and stuff. the other day i went to bebe in the mall of america and i got jiggy with it and the ladies there stopped what they were doing and were looking and i was so oblivious of it until i looked up at the mirrow and noticed some stares and i was wishing that errone else would join me.

I love rice. i was just reading this thing about how much sugar you get from rice and how much similarities exist between white rice and brown rice. to think i was killing myself with that tastelessness and awkward consistensy of the brown rice thinking it was better than white rice. and hey we medicos i wonder why we dont know much about what we dont even mind me. any ways, i cannot stay a day without tasting rice its that bad. somebody please pray for me. its an addiction.

Me like looking at me in the mirror. me friends think im too vain cos of that. im not i just like the reflection i see in the mirror. and i feel like whatever the mirrior tells me is true. peeps would lie to you about what ure wearing, how your hair looks and how much weight you gained form lack of activity. But my friend mr whiteglass(mirror) never lies he tells me even if i dont want to hear it. its funny cos yesterday while at work i went into one of my patients room and was talking to her but all the while my eyes were fixed on me thru mr whiteglass and she said i like it wen u come in here and look at your self in the mirror.............does that sound weird? i figure

My phone and computer are like my life......something about that statement does not sound right. well im so addicted to my phone and laptop that i feel like i am done without them. i would drive back 40 minutes to pick up my cell fone if i figure i left it at home. and i deprive my self much needed sleep and rest just to be in contact with my beloved mr black and rimaz crew( the names for my phone and my laptop): can you imagine they even have names. i thought i told you i was weird?

I love to sing. every and anything i hear even when i dont know the lyrics. and its worse when my voice gets croaky from the effects of negative degree weather. those in canada and minnesota know what i am talking okay anyone with such a voice should shut up right but sele has gat to sing. its her love and then she tries and she doesnt hear nuin but mr whiteglass breaking i cant keep count of how many ive had to replace over the years but oh well. a gurls gotta do what a girls gotta

I talk to my self alot. like holding a whole converstaion with meself. it happens most when i am having to make a decison that is stumping me. i take long walks and talk to myself like im having a conference with other people. i ask questions and i get answers. sometimes our answers lie within but we are too shallow to reach it and desperate times call for desperate measures. so i do that alot to help me make decisons and to also help me destress.

I love disney channel and lifetime tv too much. peeps would expect me to watch bet and vh1 and all that good stuff but i would rather be watching animated stuff. plus sound of music is the best movie ever made. i would watch that movie three times a day and never get tired of it. plus i love older songs and movies than all these things they release now and call it music and i got that out of my chest it feels way better.

i tag tuch, allied,nilla, mack and any other three bloggers to talk about the weirdness that resides inside of them.

Monday, December 3, 2007


What i want to be is who GOD wants me to be. my desire to be that hurts so much that i feel sick. every day questions abound in my heart, what other way could i have tread but this one. What other route would have taken me to the purpose of GOD for my life. i wouldn't Say i haven't strayed and i would not say mercy and grace haven't been there for me, but each time i look back , all i see is GOD, his Love, his Arms, his Smile, his Favor; everything about him encompasses my daily life. He drives my passion, he drives my needs, he drives my very being. Amidst the turmoil and turbulence that i feel, i see direction, i see a path, i see everything taking shape......and its all cos of HIM. i cant say he has not been good cos my life is a testimony of how great he is and always will be. My life is on course,even though it may not seem like it . i see him shining his face on me telling me "hold on, don't let go. it is i who have called you from your mothers womb, it is i who has given you every dream and aspiration". " it is i who has made everything they were they are, better than they would have been. So just hang in there". Don't fret and be discouraged. don't think about what the world would say about you. Don't worry yourself about the daily vices, let your heart be fixed on more important things- the things of the spirit, the things that give you life. let your days be spent living a purpose filled life. let your years be focused around the things that make you you(GOD n his Purpose). let your goal be driven by his will and purpose.let everything you live for be what he wants them to be.
Focus on the things above , on thing that are immaterial, on the things that transcend human calculation. the things men cannot take from you even when they try so hard. But focus on GODS undying and never decomposing love. focus on the word that became flesh. dwell on the powerful and all knowing intelligence(power) of GOD. center your self around the indefatigable spirit that comforts and guides, even when we are not receptive. reflect on the positivity of the situation at hand, cos they only make you stronger. God never gives us more than we can bear, he never carves out a destiny we cannot fulfill, he never gives us shoes we cannot fill. he has written the pages of our lives as he knows us to be able to live it. he never goes wrong on his word. So then hang in there and never let go of life. Live, cos in him, we gat ALL things; life, peace, wealth, prosperity, self actualization etc.