Sunday, April 24, 2011

The encounter at the tomb

The lamb of God he was
broken but yet precious
Soft spoken but his words brought life
In love he died so we have life

in time just as he said
with quakes and light he came
shutters torn apart like in a frenzy
Peace as promised brought

The prize he paid through shame and pain
inferior he became though superior he was
his hands tied and pierced by nails
our ransom paid through tears and praise

Our hearts Hallelujah sing
An echo of what his life was
Today a thunderous roar we raise
through the encounter at the tomb.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Blood that saves

The cross and the grave
The bondage of death
The sting, the pain
The ponderings of heart and minds

But he is lord
Yet he whined and winced they scorned,
Oh he bled …
The scars also remain

The flesh died, his descent
Voices of mourning and sorrow
But grace came in time
The spirit; his Ascension

He is awake, his tomb empty
Death gave him up
A reason to sing aloud
He is risen, yes he is risen

The power of the New Testament revealed
By his death, access granted
To the holy of holies we now enter
Bloodlike tears the penance.