Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Web are humans and as such we have certain attributes that are undeniably present even though we try to subdue them sometimes. it takes years to know people and to build relationships with them. we sometimes are in oblivion as to how well we know these people or better still how far they have seeped into our beings. now the hard part would be to say goodbye when reality hits and they have to go, not like its bad, but then the thought of realligning your way of life and changing certain things about you that already was present just makes it all teh more difficult. i may not be making sence, but i feel like the unemotional person that i am can actually show emotions at this point in time when someone dear to be is gonna be gone a while, who am i kidding, it might actually be the last time i get to spend a weekend with the person for a pretty long time. what can i do but to pray that the future comes with many goodness for us all and that i can actually live knowing that the person is okay and having what they have desired for a pretty long time. peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Shrugs at our shoulders
tugs at our hearts
compromises we made
trying to fit a facade

Decisions are hard to make
to bite or not to taste
to wait or just give in
the bitter sweet truth be told

I pace and race in riverie
my ego and superego in rivalry
a tug of war-a balance not yet struck
i feel like i am stuck

Lessons from long ago
gifts are meant to be preserved
till its ripe to be upheld in full
the beauty and quality still assured

It is a societal epidemic
a fad but yet devastating
paths are tread with cher regrets
hopes that lines are pleasantly drawn.