Thursday, February 15, 2007


Friends forever she said we are
but then i said i miss ya much
in answer she said its hard to believe
cos its been s log since we last talked.

Time flies so a popular saying goes
but its effects on people cannot be undermined
oceans and elevations stand as a barrier
keeping people from seeing eachother

How was i to know how u felt?
i'm not a sorcerer at the very least
feelings are known only if spoken of
and this one a little difficult to detect

Misconceptions about my personality
am in a snort or am i an extrovert
too loud for comfort or just as should be
its not my fault that i am "liked by many"

But i cant deny the vacuum i feel
of loosing one so dear and special
years gone by and al so fast
wishing that things could be as they once were.