Saturday, March 3, 2007


Shrugs at our shoulders
tugs at our hearts
compromises we made
trying to fit a facade

Decisions are hard to make
to bite or not to taste
to wait or just give in
the bitter sweet truth be told

I pace and race in riverie
my ego and superego in rivalry
a tug of war-a balance not yet struck
i feel like i am stuck

Lessons from long ago
gifts are meant to be preserved
till its ripe to be upheld in full
the beauty and quality still assured

It is a societal epidemic
a fad but yet devastating
paths are tread with cher regrets
hopes that lines are pleasantly drawn.


Jaycee said...


This poem reminds me of a feeling of simultaneous pleasure & pain...

curvyice said...

lol @ jaycee

mack said...

... Once again, I sit at my computer, busy giving you a standing ovation.

Nilla said...


curvyice said...

@mark thanks so much, heraing that from u the acclaimed poet makes me want to keep writting and not waste any more inspirations.
@nilla, as usual you are one more person that makes me want to write too.

Shola said...

quite encouraging , especially in the midst of the intense pressure all around us in today's world.