Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reeled in

Wool over my eyes removed
Heart hardened as stone
Vascular blood congealed
Chest tightened like a knot

Review of time past
Wasted or spent in essence
The pounding of vessels in my head
A conclusion difficult to be drawn

Words spoken amiss
Untruths told for ulterior motives
Outlandish actions withheld by design
Puzzling realizations unleashed

Unshed tears rising up like bile
Anxious feelings begging to be free
Anger at appearances of deceit
An appeal made for peace

An unbridled resolve to abstain
From utterances seemingly unending
Questions resounding from within
Alliances chosen with blood in mind.

Experiences are meant for elucidation
Brooding a thing for weaklings
Undulations a fact of life
Bridging trust a thing for a few.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Feet cramped...
Muscles stiff...
Joints sore,
Heavy hearts.

Tension high
Emotions wild
Words spoken,
Retorts made.

Stomach growls
Hydrochloric acid spills
Pangs unabating
A bolus fiercely sought.

The cold snares,
Biting deep,
Unknown sceneries;
The background

The backdrop; darkness
Trees wave under duress
Great winds activated
Tropical storms unveiled

The injury of pride,
A painfully conjured image
Home on the mind,
A place of tranquility.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Thoughts

They rage
It's excruciating
they burst
I cant breathe

Vile thoughts
Im riled

Sit back?
No, Act...
Keep Striving.

Take Stock

The many faces:
Gauntlet and Asperity,
Strength Emanates
The path to SUCCESS

Holding on...
Let GO....Let GOD.
Pleasing God,
In one word: FAITH.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Its a whirlwind
A roller coaster
A heartstring
Its all a rush

Sadness then happiness
relief and contentment
The lines streaked across the face
A refelction of what was

A sigh heaved out loud
A recollection of the many opportunities
SIghts unseen but yet existing
The dawn of lifes many lessons

We are reminded at the aurora
A treaded maze, a thing called LIfE
If only UTOPIA was a reality
Then Doldrums and Languor our companions shall be.

Friday, April 10, 2009

His Love, His Death, Our life!

He choose to die so we can live, he bled and bowed so that our rising could be heralded. He wasnt forced, but he knew he had destiny to fulfill and the reason he did was so we could have claim to fame.

We dont always live like we should, we dont always say the right things, we are selfish beyond human comprehension but he never lets go of usOur every action he calculates, the making of an already soughted puzzle.

HE is never fazed by out inconsiderate actions, neither is he moved by our obstinacy. He steers us in the right, paving the way for us with almost no effort.He desires that we do greater things than he did, and wants us to live our lives in pleasure and peace..our only Price: acquiescence and faith in him.

Today is a time to reflect on the PRIZE...He wasnt compelled, but LOVE drove him to it.The upside of it all though is that in death, he bought life and in his resurrection, he sealed our future.Have a blessed Easter season and always focus on the reason we celebrate.

Grace and Peace.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Love is a bug
Just like the avian flu
Creeps up on you
It takes you unawares

The symptoms are sickening
You wish for a script
That can be purchased
Measured in milligrams or in fluid ounces

You wonder how and where
You let yourself get caught
How low could your immune system get?
Or maybe it was a mutation

But then just maybe
You needed rescued by this feeling
To know that you are truly human:
A labyrinth of emotions and reality

The truth however remains
You have a choice to make
To self-restrain or enjoy the ride into bliss or discontent:
Your judgment the sole determinant.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Matrix of Successful People

Our inabilities stare in our faces
Strangling our innate quest to succeed
We let our frailties envelope us
Our lives lived in self pity

Our strength is lost to insecurity
Negativities are our constant musing
We neglect our many capabilities;
A pluviousity of achievement enhancing potential

We are failures, a constant lie we believe
Or just maybe our make-up is short of being a maverick
We can, no we cannot
A constant struggle: our daily routine

But we are survivors: our lexicon excludes impossibilities
Our genotypes reflective of an untamed pedigree
Our fragility encases our resilience
The reason time and time again, still we rise

Our challenges are the bedrock of our resistance to extinction
Our passion an upheaval of ignition
Our immeasurable power: our greatest impediment
Who are we not to succeed?