Saturday, October 27, 2007

All about Him

Sometimes we get carried away by the stuff around us. we get engrossed in "our" abilities and we think its all about what we do, how we do it,to or for whom we do it and who we know. But the reality of it all is that If GOD is not in it,then we are headed for disaster. it is all about what he directs and commands that we do,the way he says it. Sometimes, we tend to go so fast and we dont listen for his voice but the truth remains that if he has not given his blessing,then we may as well not delve into it cos it might have us devastated. Sometimes he stops us cos he has our lives written, so he noes what we need wen we need it. He makes all things beautiful in his time."ITS" all about "HIM".Before we were born he knew us and his purpose for our lives are hidden in his word concerning us. all we need to do is take hold of his words and live our lives knowing that he gat our backs.His purpose dates back to a long time so he knows that we sometimes may think: " oh he doesnt understand", but the truth is he "Really Does". some obstacles are meant to make us even better, so we can come out of it all "On Top", with our heads held high.
'No eye has seen, nor ears heard or thoughts ever imagined what GOD has prepared for US, his Kids that Love HIM.
So as we go on living each day like we got it figured out, we should try having it at teh back of our minds that wkaing up, was and is a luxury that he gave us . so we need to acknowledge the fact that he would not afford us that if he would'nt see us through it.
Its all done in love people, its with much Love

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muuch said...

swthrt,its realy al abt Him.n His ways r perfect.trusting n letting go 4 Him 2 be the pilot,brings blessings witout sorrow.He is a faithful father, n knws d best 4 s all...