Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Sufficiency of Love

Love celebrates than it suffocates
It encourages strength that surpasses vulnerability
It teaches sensitivity and compassion
It adds spice to live and relationship

Love is an embodiment of grace,
Patience and goodness in action
Does not signify weakness of person
But reveals the beauty of the inner soul

Love generates an aura of peace
Creates an atmosphere of praise
Serves as a vehicle of worship
It affords us a glimpse of God

God is love, and we are Gods’
Love is thus embedded in the matrix of our being
Our sole purpose for existence remains:
To create a home away from home for everyone.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We CAN and Yes we DID

I have not blogged in a while, but i could not have let today pass without saying nothing about it. I was up early this morning and got glued to my television at 8am. I knew Barack, my choice was going to Barack the votes, but i was still shaky and scared about what the true verdict would be.At the close of ballots in Indiana and Kentucky, i remember seeing 8 for Mccain and 3 for President Barack. I told myself to hang in there...I did. the President Barack kept racking in the elect. votes and i was so proud of him. Then i heard he clinched PA,NH,NYthen Ohio.. at that point i was rest assured that it was done. and then it 207/109 and then Mccain kept climbing while BO stayed still..i prayed, i shook, i wondered, wished......i had the shakes etc. and then California came in and it was done...I was part of history: the Very First BLACK PRESIDENT of the United States of America, 227 years that a FIT OR WHAT?
Join me as we welcome to the future the 44th President of the United States of America: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nigerians For change

This is something i wrote in the spirit of independence for my Country Nigeria on the commemoration of her Independence(Oct 1st).

We desire an appraisal
Of the past systems that be
The many failures we have seen
Our intrinsic Motivation Ignited

Many parts working as one
The Goal is To bring about change
Forging through debris and clutter
A ray of hope in sight

We are a people vowed to a new dawn
Our voices and gifts our major weapons
Our dreams are tied to the plight of the majority
A new NIgeria the reality of Change.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back For Good

I have been gone for like eternity.Most of it was me getting back to were i first started and the other was me trying to reach out and listen for what i had to do next. I did move from Minnesota to Iowa for a while. Its been a journey worth taking. I can't say much right now, but i see God working through and in me and i sure have a lot to say but till then, I just want to scream from the roof-tops that GOD is good and he never ceases to be GOD.
Have a blessed week all of you and please post something encouraging about what GOD has done for and through you to bless the life of people who would come on here.
I love you all and i am looking forward to everything that would go on here on Curvys haven.
Grace and peace......

Monday, April 28, 2008

lessons from the past

For too long we have taken many things for granted. we hear the word go but we try not to go and when we are asked to stay then we want to go. We have been asked by GOD to TRUST HIM in all totality but many a times we fret and question his words concerning us. i have been through a very tough five months, i had to make decisions that would affect my life for good. most of these decisions hurt so bad, i felt like a whole chapter of my life was been closed and i wanted to beat my self for it. i cried for days, i couldnt even pray. my mind was a constant battle field. i had to make an effort to stay happy. each time i prayed, i felt GOD telling me it is well and that everything was as it was meant to be but offcourse i was too bent on looking at stuff in the physical hence it was hard to see the big picture at that point. Job offers turned down, and then school deferred for another year, a licensing exam failed, relationship in seemed like everything was caving in, i almost diid not ahve anything to wake up to, my family are miles and miles away and it just looked like i was treading this dark road all by myself and the dawn was not going to come. but i kept on trudging as GOD planted people at strategic positions in my life at strategic times.At first i was too involved with what i was going through that i didi not appreciate GOD nor these people for what they diid, but with time it became clear as to what role each of them had to play at the time. Thank GOD for a praying family too. i had to re write this exam that was standing in my way of getting a job, but i was so scared of failing. i had never really failed anything so it was hard to accept this one, and it felt like there was so much pressure on me to get it right this time, i wanted to get it right, i wanted to prove to my self that irrespective of what was going on that i was not a failure. i prayed and thanked and asked and worshipped............i did everything to secure a slot of success and i also studied but as the time drew nearer, i got more scared. That brings me to the real battle of the mind. Most of us are oblivious of the battles that go on in our minds. the devil is so corny and cunny at the same time. he knows just how to capture our minds and crumble our defences. its scriptures, As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. the actual occurences of our physical man is an outright manifestation of our minds artistic capability. and the devil knows this so well so he camps in our minds, paralyses our positive thinking and leads us down the path of self destruction. we see ourselves as no bodys, failures, incapacitated persons, delinquents, irrepairable merchandise etc and hence we cannot strive to become something no matter how hard we try. our spirit man is detached from our soul(which has been poisoned by the devil)and our body is controlled by our malperforming mind. As a result, we see ourselves making a 360 degree turn for the worse going down a steep slope of progressive decline. At this point, no matter what word we recieve from GOD, our hearts are but soils of thorns and hard rock. we are so non-receptive and doubting thomas' that we in our subconcious call GOD a liar by not believing what he says concerning our situations. i for one had this battle going on for three weeks. i had to take this exam that i kept moving each time it came closer. i knew GOD wanted me to go ahead and take it, but i was bellowing in the defeat of my mind. all i saw each time i slept and awoke was failure, i recieved GODS word that i was the head and not the tail and that i was above only and not beneath and i thought i beleived him, but each time i had to prove that i believed him, i chickened out. it kept on like this until i had to make a conscious deliberate effort, at that point i threw it all on him and told him, if i failed this time, then he had to take the fall for it, not me.I went ahead and took the exam, but i still diid not stop doubting him. i did not sleep for three nights in a row but then when the results were in and i passed, i couldnt help but repent for even thinking about doubting GOD especially when he has sent his word to make all things beautiful.
its not enough to believe GOD, but we have to put into actions our believe by living it and stop the devil from taking over our minds, making us less than we are suppose to be. So join me as we ask GOD for forgiveness with regards to our doubting his ability to seeing us through all hard times and going forth according to his word and not questioning his every word with our wordly rationales.Join the bandwagon and be a Godgetter and not just a go getter.
Grace and peace

Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday note

I know i havent blogged in ages but oh wlel what can a sister do, when she has lost interest in the things she used to find pleasure in. A part of the stress we go through in life right?

On the contrary though, its my birthday today so i have something to be thankful for. looking back at the last year, i can say off a truth that GOD loves me and has always come through for me. I had lots of decisions to make, some life changing and other career driving, but at every point, i saw a revelation that took me through it. I do not regret any decisions i made in the past and i would not trade the experiences for any other, cos i am way stronger than i ever was before i went through them. I appreciate GOD for all he has done and still is doing in my life.

From my inside, with all gratitude, i say a big Thankyou to GOD and my family and friends for the prayers, the best wishes, the words of encouragement, he gifts............everything i recieved this last year and i pray that 2008 brings greater things than i ever envisaged.

Grace and Peace,

Saturday, February 9, 2008


her name signifies fieriness
her laughter has a rippling effect
her zeal pushes through obstacles
her naughtiness always makes me tickle

she doubts her prowess
hidden deep within her being
the way she does her thing
gives me something to laugh about

she gives me a shoulder to cry on
And a person to argue with
its hard to reach a compromise
of where we would be on holidays

you dont love me she says
you dont want to spend time with me she muses
but deep down she knows i care
cos i would walk a thousand miles for her

She is one heck of a lady
stronger than the status quo
proud of whatever she does
she strives to be different

she is a friend that sticks closer than a brother
out of her exudes grace and grandoisity
yet humility is her footstool
and a true VIRTUOSO she is.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greater things

Its high time i said happy new year evn though the year is speeding way faster than one would have expected. Been so busy, not had time for me, hence my long absence from this beautiful world of blogging. Amidst my busy schedule, i have had time to think and talk to GOD about certain things this year would offer and i bet you i see a great year of glorious upliftment in every aspect of my life and for all my peeps that believe. For one he has given me strength to carry on even when i am weak. i cannot express how great he has been.

i have an idea, i want to know whats going on ion your lives so if you are reading this, post as a comment one great thing and better still your expectations for the year and together we can faith it out.

Dont forget, you can only experience what you can faithfully see......
One love y'all.