Monday, October 8, 2007


speaker A
I want to run
As far as i can
from the voices i hear
the right and wrong

speaker B
is that all u can do
to retreat in cowardice
and run from yourself
to a land of demise and scum

speaker A
My dreams seem thwarted
i long for peace and rest
thousands of questions abound
exactly how far can i go

speaker B
You can go just as afr as you want
your strength lies within
use it as you please
for good or bad

speaker A
thats not much much help
i want a plan, a way out
a blueprint of revelations
a lodestone to my dreams

speaker B
you have that already
the smile that creases your face
the shimmer in your eyes
you gat hope

speaker A
i know i have hope
the paradoxical movements i feel
the flickering of my lashes
thats hope right there

speaker B
laugh it out dude
enjoy the sights of autumn
the chills are inevitable
its part of nature.

life deals us blows
all we need do is rise and flow
believing in our soul
the power to restore.

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