Monday, November 26, 2007

Faith As A Vessel To Recieve

We could go on and on talking about the concept of faith but the truth is, we cannot overemphasize its importance.
You can agree with me that most times we are as strong as whatver we might be facing at the time, cos we can only talk about it if we come through it standing. that is when we can truly say we faithed that situation and yea we came out strong. i am a testimony that faith works and talking about it, stirs something inside of me ,simply put, my heart is leaping out for joy at the mention of been able to believe irrespective of where i am and what i am faced with.
Faith transcends just pleasing God, which is a very important aspect of our lives and duty for us to uphold as humans. The power of faith also releases our blessings from GODS throne. sometimes we sit down in whatever situation we find ourselves. we grovel and shudder and go through so many different forms of reverence in other that we may recieve, but truth is without faith, we might as well get a mattress and chill cos that situation is there to stay.
one of my favorite verses of scripture, heb 11:11 helps me thru anything i call a situation.
"Now sarah even though she had passed her time to concieve ,was able to have a child because she judged him faithful who had promised".Sarahs' faith manifested in her being able to be a vessel that produced a child nine months later. she too in the books of mothers was reckoned at age 90 cos she believed. We look too much at our physical embodiments and we tend to dwell on our abilities. the truth remains that when GOD says a thing, he automaticlaly puts into action a plan to bring it to pass. so when he has spoken concerning us, he is already working on it to make sure we get that job, that admission, that citizenship that money we need for tuition, the money for a new car and that apartment that seems elusive........the list is endless but we have to do something to unlock these good things.
"Faiths enables us recieve from God and our ability to receive, determines how much God will give us....."hence our Faith is our vessel to recieving from God, our currency with which we get stuff from GOD.
most of us think we can recah out for faith whenever we find ourselves in positions where we would need it, but like it is in scripture, "the just shall live by faith", faith is a condiment of day to day living.
"If your faith cannot carry it, your life cannot experience it"
and like deutronomy 8:18 puts it,
"Believe(have Faith) in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established". what more can a person ask of God when he already established you, the truth is nothing, cos you would have had everything else.
Faith has no substitute in the realm of the spirit, so put on your armour of faith and recieve of GOD even as you please him in everything you do.
Grace and peace.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saying No to Violence against women and children

Today November the 25th is a day set aside to acknowledge the ills done against women and children around the world. many people are apt to take this forgranted but women are hurt each second of the minute some sexually and other both physically and emotionally. But the truth is we al have families, friends and acquaintances who might just be unlucky victims and be part of the growing number. Thus we need to take a stand and join these people to RAISE OUR VOICE against Violence Against Women and Children.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The ATTITUDE of Giving Thanks.

Im home sitting in front of the computer and watching tv at the same time while thinking about the many reasons i need to be thankful and then it dawns on me that there exist thousand and one things that GOD has down and even if i try, i would not be able to fully express mii gratitude for all he has done, but in my lil way.......

If i had words as.......
Wide as the desertland of Saudi Arabia
As deep as the deepening effect of global warming on our oceans
High as the commulative zeniths of the alps and kilimanjaro,
i would have used them.

If i had money..........
As clean as spring Water
As pure as Chastity
As uncountable as Abrahams assignment(the stars),
i would have offered it.

If i had daisies.......
As curt as nice words
As scenty as the mingling of alamander and roses
As blemishless as a young lamb
I would have given.

But all these i do not have
To express my fondest thoughts and gratitude
As you ahve shown in your Actions.

For salvation and ability to visit with you,
For a FAMILY so loving and endearing
For friends and other abezrites
All i want to say is thank You Lord

For the times you kept calling me back
For the healing of my spirit, mind and body
For an opportunity to be resourceful
All i want to say is thank you lord.

For a job i did not thank you for
for dreams that would never perish
For the hurts you kept me from
ALL i want to say is thank you lord

That i was sent back from flamingo airport
On the continental 1860 flight on 09/01/2007
But then you let me back into houston
with a visa expired for over three years

lord you saw my substance, and have continually led me in the right
You have made me a testimony in the land
You never failed to encourage my heart
Cos each day your mercies become new

You stir GREATNESS within the confines of my being
My strength is renewed with each challenge i am faced with
The horrendous tumults only came to make me stronger
My joy came at the break of dawn

Even when i cried and wept for fear that you were far
and my daily routine done in a pit
My heart sought solace in you
and you came just at the niche of time

I ponder and wonder at who you are
the fact that you never LET ME GO
And at a time such as this

Saturday, November 10, 2007

its dark

Tires Screeching,
Metals clanging,
engines idling,
curses and prayers resounding.

Bags and pockets reached
cellphones and data packs retrieved
calls are made from across town
answers very swift and rapid

sirens blaring in response
gurnets and drip pumps rushed out
pulses taken and compressions done
fluids rushed into blood vessels

triages done at the dock
straps loosened and assessments done
diagnosis made by those assigned
tears and sorrows may abound

thoughts of good and not of evil
many at the chapel or wherever they believe
songs of praises song in anticipation
of the best that could ever be.

i personally do not like how gloomy this is. so if you read this pray that the best comes out of it. not the worse.