Tuesday, January 23, 2007

katy clinic

Dings and Chimes you hear as you go
Stethoscopes straped around necks
Cuffs and wires streaking around
welcomes you to the doctors office.

Questions and answers go back and forth
worries aggravate as anxiety mounts
everyone that comes in wants to know
what exactly is wrong with me

Kids and Adults walk hand-in-hand
Parents in oblivion as to what is wrong
soreness, restlessness and whining abound
boo-hoo and puking the order of the day

Angels in human form introduce themselves
vital signs are taken and recorded as well
reports are made to whom it concerns
shots and pills are given as thus

Days go by and people await their fates
some so good and others dissappointing
questions abound in the minds of the learned
what else is there to be done

Physicians work so hard that it hurts
Nurses assist with passion and dligence
but all the do is treat the pain
only GOD heals and makes a person whole


mack said...

wow... not only am I first to post, but this is my first post... hehe.

I gotta say this is good stuff, I enjoy your poems, they're beautiful.

curvyice said...

thanks a lot. thats how i let whats inside out. i have much more and will put them up as i go.

Nilla said...

I like the end..

It's interesting to me because I had once thought of writing a poem on my career.

curvyice said...

kewl u can do it, write a poem on ur career.