Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greater things

Its high time i said happy new year evn though the year is speeding way faster than one would have expected. Been so busy, not had time for me, hence my long absence from this beautiful world of blogging. Amidst my busy schedule, i have had time to think and talk to GOD about certain things this year would offer and i bet you i see a great year of glorious upliftment in every aspect of my life and for all my peeps that believe. For one he has given me strength to carry on even when i am weak. i cannot express how great he has been.

i have an idea, i want to know whats going on ion your lives so if you are reading this, post as a comment one great thing and better still your expectations for the year and together we can faith it out.

Dont forget, you can only experience what you can faithfully see......
One love y'all.