Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The ATTITUDE of Giving Thanks.

Im home sitting in front of the computer and watching tv at the same time while thinking about the many reasons i need to be thankful and then it dawns on me that there exist thousand and one things that GOD has down and even if i try, i would not be able to fully express mii gratitude for all he has done, but in my lil way.......

If i had words as.......
Wide as the desertland of Saudi Arabia
As deep as the deepening effect of global warming on our oceans
High as the commulative zeniths of the alps and kilimanjaro,
i would have used them.

If i had money..........
As clean as spring Water
As pure as Chastity
As uncountable as Abrahams assignment(the stars),
i would have offered it.

If i had daisies.......
As curt as nice words
As scenty as the mingling of alamander and roses
As blemishless as a young lamb
I would have given.

But all these i do not have
To express my fondest thoughts and gratitude
As you ahve shown in your Actions.

For salvation and ability to visit with you,
For a FAMILY so loving and endearing
For friends and other abezrites
All i want to say is thank You Lord

For the times you kept calling me back
For the healing of my spirit, mind and body
For an opportunity to be resourceful
All i want to say is thank you lord.

For a job i did not thank you for
for dreams that would never perish
For the hurts you kept me from
ALL i want to say is thank you lord

That i was sent back from flamingo airport
On the continental 1860 flight on 09/01/2007
But then you let me back into houston
with a visa expired for over three years

lord you saw my substance, and have continually led me in the right
You have made me a testimony in the land
You never failed to encourage my heart
Cos each day your mercies become new

You stir GREATNESS within the confines of my being
My strength is renewed with each challenge i am faced with
The horrendous tumults only came to make me stronger
My joy came at the break of dawn

Even when i cried and wept for fear that you were far
and my daily routine done in a pit
My heart sought solace in you
and you came just at the niche of time

I ponder and wonder at who you are
the fact that you never LET ME GO
And at a time such as this


Rinsola said...

It's so amazing to know that the list of our thanks to Him goes on and on without an end. Thank God for you, your life is truly a testimony. Hope u had a great week.

curvyice said...

who wouldnt ahve a great week after all that Gods been doing. how u doing/ hope u left some turkkey for

lisa said...

For all doz times I din say Thanx
For all doz favours I neva acknowledged
I am reminded again to say THANX

He is dyr thru d storm
He is wet in d rain
He gets scorched in d sun
Cos He will not Let us go

U lines REMIND me of sumfin
I wud often 4get in d midst of woe
But 'll clutch my hands ryt dis moment
With knees bent and Head bowed
n wiv a heart poure dout

Ilove u Gurl, cos u INSPIRE ME
kip Livin D Word (Even doe I walk Thru....I WIL FEAR NO EVIL)

curvyice said...

sweatheart he is always there.
and he would always come thru for you.luv you too hon.

Jaycee said...


Oh, if only we could thank Him with the currency of the number of the stars...

That was just beautiful...

loved the re-cap abt ur continental testimony...God is soooo good! Loking back at our lives and seeing where we are right now is a blessing!

curvyice said...

Word oh. cos u know it makes more sense to u.
but i thnak GOD oh. thats all i can say.