Saturday, November 10, 2007

its dark

Tires Screeching,
Metals clanging,
engines idling,
curses and prayers resounding.

Bags and pockets reached
cellphones and data packs retrieved
calls are made from across town
answers very swift and rapid

sirens blaring in response
gurnets and drip pumps rushed out
pulses taken and compressions done
fluids rushed into blood vessels

triages done at the dock
straps loosened and assessments done
diagnosis made by those assigned
tears and sorrows may abound

thoughts of good and not of evil
many at the chapel or wherever they believe
songs of praises song in anticipation
of the best that could ever be.

i personally do not like how gloomy this is. so if you read this pray that the best comes out of it. not the worse.


BiMbyLaDs** said...

well written babe.. loved the last verse

The Last King Of Scotland said...

beautiful words. it doesnt all have to be sweet. life is tough. keep it up


Wow, very well written.

Jaycee said...


To me it speaks of some having confusion, but some having pure bliss! Sounds like the last day...

La Reine said...

Your comment had me thinking you were refering to actual events.
Nice poem

curvyice said...

@bimbylads i guess the poem had to end with a bang
@tlk i feel on on life and its hardness. but thank GOD for Jesus.
@solomonsdeylle.. thanks for stopping by.
@jaycee....ur analogy is awesome gave me another way to look at
@la reine.. actually it was more of a feeling than anything else. kept feeling that way for days and the words were resounding in my head until i wrote it out.