Monday, February 23, 2009


Love is a bug
Just like the avian flu
Creeps up on you
It takes you unawares

The symptoms are sickening
You wish for a script
That can be purchased
Measured in milligrams or in fluid ounces

You wonder how and where
You let yourself get caught
How low could your immune system get?
Or maybe it was a mutation

But then just maybe
You needed rescued by this feeling
To know that you are truly human:
A labyrinth of emotions and reality

The truth however remains
You have a choice to make
To self-restrain or enjoy the ride into bliss or discontent:
Your judgment the sole determinant.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Matrix of Successful People

Our inabilities stare in our faces
Strangling our innate quest to succeed
We let our frailties envelope us
Our lives lived in self pity

Our strength is lost to insecurity
Negativities are our constant musing
We neglect our many capabilities;
A pluviousity of achievement enhancing potential

We are failures, a constant lie we believe
Or just maybe our make-up is short of being a maverick
We can, no we cannot
A constant struggle: our daily routine

But we are survivors: our lexicon excludes impossibilities
Our genotypes reflective of an untamed pedigree
Our fragility encases our resilience
The reason time and time again, still we rise

Our challenges are the bedrock of our resistance to extinction
Our passion an upheaval of ignition
Our immeasurable power: our greatest impediment
Who are we not to succeed?