Saturday, March 10, 2012


Our Minds a storage
Our exhibits, its garbage or gold
The decision, a choice to make
The effects; glaring or oh so subtle

We smile at dawn
But at dusk our weakness and pain envelop us
Accolades to our names,
But a void so dark and deep
Nothing to the rescue, we are pushed farther and farther to an abyss
Our emotions a labyrinth, a mess; we want change, but how?

We are beaten to shreds by all, even ourselves
We have lost the bedrock of our existence; our core so translucent, yet no one can see
We cry out for help: we scream and reel in anguish
But no, no one can hear, no one to help; not even ourselves

We rescind in disappointment, we hope that someone will notice
We give in to pressures, debilitating pressures that cause our decay
We hurt ourselves even further, but at the time our minds play a trick on us
This feels good
Yes! it felt so good; so we forgot

We forget the dire consequences; we lose our inhibition, our ability to say NO!
We lose our talent, our footing even our love and passion
In the face of nothing, we lose everything
And then we fight endlessly, year in year out
To undo what we started; the destruction we carved out in ignorance
And all the while it seemed like it would work until the final fight.

It is dark, it is loud, such heaviness unexplainable:
A balance sought but my flocculonodular lobe was gone
I see the light, I hear my name
I try, I really try to awaken, but it’s too late
I lost, in the battle for my life
For my sanity; for my everything
I lost. Now it’s all over and I wish I could have my life back
To change it all from the beginning:
The destruction I carved in ignorance: the oxymoron I call life.