Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Sufficiency of Love

Love celebrates than it suffocates
It encourages strength that surpasses vulnerability
It teaches sensitivity and compassion
It adds spice to live and relationship

Love is an embodiment of grace,
Patience and goodness in action
Does not signify weakness of person
But reveals the beauty of the inner soul

Love generates an aura of peace
Creates an atmosphere of praise
Serves as a vehicle of worship
It affords us a glimpse of God

God is love, and we are Gods’
Love is thus embedded in the matrix of our being
Our sole purpose for existence remains:
To create a home away from home for everyone.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We CAN and Yes we DID

I have not blogged in a while, but i could not have let today pass without saying nothing about it. I was up early this morning and got glued to my television at 8am. I knew Barack, my choice was going to Barack the votes, but i was still shaky and scared about what the true verdict would be.At the close of ballots in Indiana and Kentucky, i remember seeing 8 for Mccain and 3 for President Barack. I told myself to hang in there...I did. the President Barack kept racking in the elect. votes and i was so proud of him. Then i heard he clinched PA,NH,NYthen Ohio.. at that point i was rest assured that it was done. and then it 207/109 and then Mccain kept climbing while BO stayed still..i prayed, i shook, i wondered, wished......i had the shakes etc. and then California came in and it was done...I was part of history: the Very First BLACK PRESIDENT of the United States of America, 227 years that a FIT OR WHAT?
Join me as we welcome to the future the 44th President of the United States of America: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!