Tuesday, January 23, 2007


i was up as early as could be since i had to be at clinicals very early in the morning. i said a hurried prayer and headed in the shower. i was done and ready for my 54 minute drive when my phone rang and it was my mum. she called to say hello and as usual my day was made. i drove as fast as i could cos i already was late. i was stuck behind the train tracks,50minutes of my day gone, and all i wanted to do was appear to my preceptors as serious. i walked into the office my head held high in anticipation of what my day would be like;full of mysteries and a day of achievement.patients came in one after another, diagosis made and medications given, off they went in another 10-15 mins. As i went through the day, it became clear that we humans are ungrateful at how much we have,yet we keep complaining of the litlle things we think we dont have. along came a father with his two sons, one almost a teenager and the other a six year old. A CpK protein test was ordered and for you medicals you know what that means, this little boy had a strange waddle in his gait, he could not stand up from a squat without using accessory muscles: he probably has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. this dude may not live to his 12th birthday, the reason been that he may loose every single muscle tone in his body that he might end up in a wheelchair. this disease is an X-linked one it is a mutation on the number one band of the small arm of the x chromosome(X2p.1)literally his mum passed it on to him. it hurts to know that that poor woman will live her life guilt tripping when it was not her fault she was just a carrier. As i exchanged my views with the Doctor, i thought about my three brothers, how much i loved them and never want to see them hurt. But then i felt a thug at my heart, a feeling of ungratefulness. who told me i had a right to whine wen all i have is an occasional back ache and tension down my neck, who told me i had the right to whine when i can actually afford buying gas for my car who told me i had the right to whine when friends come to my house cos its warmer than theirs, who told me i have not been ungrateful when i go through the day not thanking GOD enough. i definitely would not want to be a 12 year old asthmatic that goes through his inhalers in less than 10days, definitely not a cancer survivor who now has a nerve defect from her chemo and a paraplegic for a son, definitely not a guy whose lungs are so fibrosed that he is a medical simulator for students. people we need to get on our knees and thank GOD. through our highs and lows he still sees us through. we are hail and hearty and our loved ones are doing great , we do good in school and others in our classes need stimulators to concentrate, we can afford to waste food and others go through months uncertain about what they would eat. we live in peace and kids in certain places have to fight for survival, living for them is a daily struggle. do i need to say more, the thanks need to keep going up, we need to thank the man upstairs for all the little perks that go unnoticed in our daily lives.
Psalms 66: 1-3a; 8-9;10-12;13-20
Make a joyful shout to the GOD ,all the earth ......make his presence glorious.......oh bless our GOD, you peoples! and make the voice of his praise heard, who keeps our soul among the living and does not allow our feet to be moved. verse 10- 12 talks about GOD testing us and refining us in the process just like silver, he lets affliction on us just to see how faithful we can be but amidst all he brings us to sweet FULFILLMENT. peeps we need to be grateful for everything.
it is my desire that i be like david and be grateful even when i have my face to the wall.
grace and peace and have a great rest of the week.

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