Saturday, February 28, 2015

Adventure and Tenacity

Today i am thankful for an adventurous spirit(personality)/tenacity. My life has been a hell of a ride. sometimes i sit back look in the rearview mirror and i just smile at my thoughts, the things i have done and dream of doing, etc. The amazing fact of this particular characteristic of mine though is that it has taught me a very important lesson: No matter how daunting a situation/ experience may seem, it is surmountable. n i have trudged through the wilderness , waded waters, been blinded by fog , burned by fire and singed by smoke. my eyes have watered for long, but i love the feeling i get when at the end of it all, i know i made it. This has made me know that no peak is as high as it appears, all i need is the first jump. I also have been made to look at fear in the face, and like Esther say, if i die, i die; if i perish, i perish. The results doe not always as palatable at first, have been elating and the experiences worth heralding in the end. I may not always like that i cant stop dreaming of the next adventure to take, or that i may have a knack for "pain", but for this attribute i was gifted with, i would not be who i am and where i am. For this and my many more gifting/ characteristics/ attributes, Lord make me truly grateful...#paindoesnotexist#strengthinweaness#Thoushallnotfear#2Timothy1vs7#Joshua1vs9#30for30#Day13

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