Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Today i am thankful for Inspiration. Many of the decisions i have made or steps taken thus far have been because i was inspired by God, family, friends, nature, things etc. Hard as it may be sometimes to clue into the subtle prodding, confirmation, affirmation etc, i am glad that somewhere inside of me something is able to connect and benefit from the allure an inspired state affords.
In light of this, i am thankful for one young lady whose life inspires me to be better , drives me to get to the top despite the pain, and above all to stay connected to the source of it all. Happy birthday Samfee Doe. I pray that your light will not dim, but you will continue to be a vessel ready to be used of God in the betterment of mankind. For the passion that inspiration enhances and the many more gifts you make available to me, Lord make me truly thankful...#Inspiredliving#compassion#service#Romans15vs13#30for30#Day10

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