Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday note

I know i havent blogged in ages but oh wlel what can a sister do, when she has lost interest in the things she used to find pleasure in. A part of the stress we go through in life right?

On the contrary though, its my birthday today so i have something to be thankful for. looking back at the last year, i can say off a truth that GOD loves me and has always come through for me. I had lots of decisions to make, some life changing and other career driving, but at every point, i saw a revelation that took me through it. I do not regret any decisions i made in the past and i would not trade the experiences for any other, cos i am way stronger than i ever was before i went through them. I appreciate GOD for all he has done and still is doing in my life.

From my inside, with all gratitude, i say a big Thankyou to GOD and my family and friends for the prayers, the best wishes, the words of encouragement, he gifts............everything i recieved this last year and i pray that 2008 brings greater things than i ever envisaged.

Grace and Peace,


Kafo said...

happy birthday in ariesssssssssssssssss


may this new year bring you happiness and joy and more importantly the grace of GOd

chichi said...

it is late tho but happy birthday!! may this new year bring GREAT things from your GREAT God!!amen.

curvyice said...

@kafo and chichi,
thank you guys for the birthday wishes and prayers, i say a big AMEN ohhhhhhhhhh.

James Tubman said...

mine is march the 19th so we just missed each other

happy birthday boo

i understand you

that is one of the characteristics of the pisces

that's why we have two fish going in the opposite direction as our sign lol

rethots said...

Exactly 2months 10days belated yet still i whisper.....Happy Birthday.

He'll bring to fulfillment all your heart's desires this year. Congrats.