Monday, December 12, 2011

One down, so much more to go...

Its been ages since i last wrote anything, it sucks though cos i really want to get back to that place of inspiration. Some fun stuff have been going on my life, for one i got into medical school and just got done with my first term, im so grateful. So in light of that, i moved to the UK for one year, its been over four months already, Phew! time sure flies, cos it was just yesterday when i had my friends escort me to the George Bush international airport onboard a BA flight enroute heathrow airport, London.

So yes, i am now a nerd, studying is my life, almost don't have time to do the things i love to do, whats that again? see i cant even remember what i like any more...but on a lighter note: i am on holiday from tomorrow, home to Nigeria and a coupla days in Ghana as well.....i feel very blessed that i get to enjoy all of this and to also say i am in second term of medical school

the jinx is broken, and now i have more time so i will be writting often....interesting topics coming soon. Cheerios y'all, plus countdown to Christmas....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Till later my friends.....

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Izzie said...

bring back okporoko for me ooooo :)
Merry Christmans honey