Friday, April 10, 2009

His Love, His Death, Our life!

He choose to die so we can live, he bled and bowed so that our rising could be heralded. He wasnt forced, but he knew he had destiny to fulfill and the reason he did was so we could have claim to fame.

We dont always live like we should, we dont always say the right things, we are selfish beyond human comprehension but he never lets go of usOur every action he calculates, the making of an already soughted puzzle.

HE is never fazed by out inconsiderate actions, neither is he moved by our obstinacy. He steers us in the right, paving the way for us with almost no effort.He desires that we do greater things than he did, and wants us to live our lives in pleasure and peace..our only Price: acquiescence and faith in him.

Today is a time to reflect on the PRIZE...He wasnt compelled, but LOVE drove him to it.The upside of it all though is that in death, he bought life and in his resurrection, he sealed our future.Have a blessed Easter season and always focus on the reason we celebrate.

Grace and Peace.

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